Ivanovich Agusta

Discourse analysis on rural Indonesia


This web informs my personal data, scientifically and popular articles and books, my sketches and drawings.

My personal data are published on PERSONAL and PHOTOGRAPHS.

My position is scientifically post-structural. My approach is discourse analysis. My interests are critiques of rural sociology, rural development, rural infrastructure, sociology of family, sociological theory, postmodern theory, postcolonial theory, philosophy of social sciences, people empowerment, qualitative research, participatory research, rural area, urban area. Please note that before 2007 my position was scientifically people-center development.

I categorize my articles by:





In arts areas, I have some experiences in sketches (internationally experiences), electone and drama (district experiences). Some of them are published in SKETCHES & PICTURES.

My drafts for books, journals, newspapers, magazines, and conferences are laid on DRAFTS.

Mainly I write in Bahasa, but if you need my articles in other languages, please inform me by e-mail iagusta@hotmail.com, and I will try to translate them in English. Please note that my examinations on post-structural discourse theory are published at DISKURSUS SEHARI-HARI (EVERYDAY DISCOURSES). Articles on other topics are published at RURAL SOCIOLOGY OF INDONESIA.